Sunday, May 19, 2013

GUI Webpack

I hope that,periodically, I will be posting packs like this one. This is a pack of GUI elements for VST plugins. I will readily admit that they are not great, but, they are free and can save some time in designing your VST's (provided that you like the graphics, the GF hates the LED's.) Basically, they are free to use as you see fit (please read the licensing agreement),the pack includes the original knobman files, renderings of the controls themselves as strips where needed,and individual files for things such as the switches and LED's. As always, please feel free to comment.

Download Here

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free VST- Zhir v1

Not sure if I really need to describe this one. Another analog dealie-o. Everything on the front panel does (more or less) what it is supposed to do. I did not add MIDI CC to this yet, next version. I would like to credit Antress for the switches, really like them.

Download Here

Free VST- Modfilter

Back again...this time I am posting the Modfilter. It is basically a couple of state variable filters that are modulated with an LFO. Each filter has it's own LFO, and each LFO has selectable waveforms. You are also able to change the mode of the filter. Try it can get kinda a Univibe thing going on. And as always, any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.

Download Here

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Free VST- S Series Reverb

Guess I got it done quicker than I thought I would. This is the S Series Reverb....super simple, sounds pretty good. I am thinking its strength lies in drums and vocals. All the S series plugins that I am going to post are intended to be simple and easy to use. I hope you enjoy it. Please take a look at the readme.txt file for information regarding MIDI.

Download Here

YAY! More free VST's!

Hello all,
A new blog....About subjects that probably have been beaten to death. With the number of sites about VST's, home recording, recording in general, and well, anything audio related, this may well be a drop in an otherwise endless sea. Hopefully, though, folks who visit this site will glean at least something useful.
       It is my intention to both distribute VST's that I have made, review mostly free VST's ( my own included ), and showcase projects that I am doing ( currently I am trying to assemble an all-freeware guitar rig. ) I am interested in hearing anything anyone has to say...good or bad. If you happen to catch this before I make the next post, I plan on posting a simple reverb that I made, and it will be free for download. Thanks for reading.